This product is essential to get rid of bacterias in home, office, car, etc. Just leave it alone and let the lamp do its work, its going to sterilize all the spaces where you walk around everyday.  And its easy to recharge, you just plug in  with the electricity. 

This mini portable UV+ozone sanitizer lamp kills bacteria and virus using a Wavelength between 185-254nm. It could be used in so many place, like home, School, Hospital, Office, Hotel, Car, etc. Small and Portable: the UV Sanitizer Lamp includes a 500mAH Rechargeable Battery and the USB cable (Does not include AC plug adapter)

Portable UV Sanitizer Lamp, Rechargeable Bactericidal Lamp UV Disinfecting Black

$24.99 Regular Price
$22.49Sale Price
    • Power Indicator: It could make you know how long will it work and when you need to charging
    • USB Charging: Different charging way you can choose,charging on computer, car, etc. any where it has USB output (Does not include AC plug adapter)
    • 15 Seconds Delay Switch: This could protect our switch and led lights no damage from repeated use.
    • 15 Minutes Auto Power-off: It can save power more efficiently
    • Widely Use: Home, School, Hospital, Office, Hotel, Car, etc.