Voltage, Current, Power factor, Instant power Wattage and Accumulated power consumption KWh report.  This smart energy plug-in switch is a transceiver which is a Z-WaveTM enabled device and is fully compatible with any Z-WaveTM enabled network.  Z-WaveTM enabled devices displaying the Z-WaveTM logo can also be used with it regardless of the manufacturer, and ours can also be used in other manufacturer’s Z-WaveTM enabled networks.  Remote On/Off control of the connected load is possible with other manufacturer’s Wireless Controller. Each module is designed to act as a repeater.  Repeaters will re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots. This smart energy plug-in switch is able to detect voltage, current, power factor, Instant power wattage (5~1500W) and overload wattage (1550~1600W) of connected light or appliances. When detecting overload state, the switch will be disabled and its On/Off button will be lockout of which LED will flash quickly for 30 seconds. However, unplug and re-connect the Module will reset its overload condition to normal status. This plug-in switch can active sent out instant power wattage when variation over 5% or active sent out state change when manually push the ON/OFF button , this allows the controller to avoid polling the reading wattage value and state of the switch and can increase the efficiency of controller

Smart energy plug-in switch US

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